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The idea was to integrate a local dance party and associated events with Phil's Rainbow Connection hosted accommodation to produce a local season of community festivities that would draw national and international tourists and stimulate the development rooom a queer tourist market in the Centre. Monday evening offered drinks at the Alice Springs Resort, while on Tuesday and Wednesday nights first a s;rings and then a men's film night was held at Araluen Cultural Precinct. It was expected that everbody would need the night off by Thursday. On Friday it was drinks at the Alice Springs Alie in the early evening before a women's cabaret and dance party at Witchetty's in Araluen. The week-long festival concluded with a day at the races for those still standing to the straight folks and attend the St. Patrick's Day carnival at Pioneer Park.

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The plan is supported by both the NT Tourist Commission, which has contributed funding, and the Australian Tourist Commission and will see news of the festival reach nearly half a million people worldwide.

I know it's the Outback and we're all supposed to be intolerant rednecks but I never really believed that it was so true. Sitting somewhere in Darwin with the Deputy Chief Minister and John Elferink; member for MacDonnell, he was keen to see what prospects there were to keep the queens out of Alice's Wonderland, 'for the good of the town'.

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It saddens me to dwell on this too much but I do feel we need to address our narrow attitudes and think more about our inclusiveness of differences rather than fear them. Promote Alice another way Sir, 0n behalf of my husband and my family, I beg you and your readers to do whatever is in your power to stop the proposed Mardi Gras Festival from being held in our town.

It is because the world has accepted this behaviour that society is in the predicament that we see now. The idea was to integrate a local dance party and associated events with Phil's Rainbow Connection hosted accommodation to produce a local season of community festivities that would draw national and international tourists and stimulate the development of a queer tourist market in the Centre. One week later there were enough letters from outraged citizens for the Advocate's first two- spread, most of which are believed to have resulted from a 'call to arms' that Sunday by the local Assembly of God and other fundamentalist congregations.

Daphne Carrol was just plain sad that there would be a gay festival, rather than a "lovely" Masters Games, or caravan or home show. She said decisions about allocations from the Alice Springs Town Council Araluen Access Grant are made by representatives of the community through the Araluen Advisory Committee and are "influenced by considerations of inclusivity".

She could forsee the inescapable displays of promiscuity to come and knew deep down that a "safe and caring environment" was just code for giving unhindered freedom to "extremists".

David Bulbert. Tom Bird Alice Springs Heather Wood; a self-identified, narrow-minded religious crank, only had three questions including the obvious one as to whether there was actually going to be a parade.

Sexuality and Disability Workshop | MHACA

I feel quite ashamed at some of the remarks and attitudes that have been so publicly exposed recently. Grandfather, family man, average run-of-the-mill parent and concerned constituent but not a prude ; Leigh Petersen was saddened by the breakdown of social fabric that promoting the festival was sure to sprins.

These are open to any not-for-profit organisation or individual who wishes to use zex Araluen Arts Centre. Let the ones who want to see this kind of behaviour go to Sydney. It does not set a good standard for Alice's youth and surely the police have enough to contend to without having to cope with the extra burden.

Support Sexual Harassment – Academies Australaisa Polytechnic

Well, if I had my way they would not be in a safe and caring place as I for one do not want them here. Although nowhere did they state that a parade was on the cards, the inference was ripe for the making in the minds of Central Australia's more conservative set. Protester Lorraine Morgan said: "You say that you can't stop the festival. Having known a few homosexuals, I believe their lifestyle is not right, and they are only a minority in the Australian society.

However the law was not strong enough to prevent the stream of anti gay letters to local media being published. I honestly didn't think Alice Springs was like that.

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Council was also presented with a petition ed by people against the festival to be held in Alice Springs from March Centralian Advocate: February 23, p. Wouldn't our beautiful town benefit far more from a caring environment where aloce can safely take their children, our future tourist, instead of scaring visitors away with such a demoralising and incriminating display, which would not be tolerated from heterosexual extremists either?

He was angry at being taken by surprise and worried that the pink dollar was springa his town and making it unsafe for children.

And Deputy Chief Minister; Mike Reed, regretfully advised that refusing a grant for Wonderland might have invoked criticism from the tourism industry. John Tortorella, a member of the town's gay community, said: "Very simply the festival is going to be a series of private functions that people can pay to attend if they choose, or not attend if they don't want to.

He particularly didn't want his city to be "safe for homosexuals" and didn't see any reason why they couldn't just be voted away by the majority. Residents raised two particular points of zex during the minute question time session: How long had council known about the festival, and why did the public only find out about it by reading the Centralian Advocate?

She said: "I am ses disgusted and so sorry to hear that such a thing is coming to Alice Springs. I wondered what courage I would need to own this myself firstly, then realise I could possibly be ostracised from the larger community for my feelings and being true to them.

Central Australia - Larapinta Trail, Uluru & Kata Tjuta Tour - Inspiration Outdoors

The only councillor not present at the meeting was Alderman Susan Jefford. And sprinbs hope to attract some of the people who attend that event.

I was wondering what it was like to be subjected to such ignorance and fear. He claimed the commission was in a no win situation: had it not offered funding it would have been criticised for failing to assist the town's tourist industry. I thought I may have gone to sleep for a week or so. Most thought it was a great idea, especially Braedon Smith, who couldn't wait to aliice up.