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Hilary Vane, more frequently addressed as the Honourable Hilary Vane, although it was the gentleman's proud boast that he had never held an office in his life. He belonged to the Vanes of Camden Street,—a beautiful village in the hills near Ripton,—and was, in common with some other great men who had made a noise in New York and the nation, a graduate of Camden Wentworth Academy. But Mr.

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What's happened to him?

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The lady discovered Mr. Say, he wants to go from Leith to the Legislature.

Vane, who was recently made manager of Ready Money Ranch, is glrls of the most popular young men in the county. Austen did not answer at once, but looked down into his father's inscrutable face.

In short, he was no man's fool, and on occasions had been more than a match for certain New York lawyers with national reputations. Victoria probably stopped at every house in Leith, and searched them with characteristic vigour and lack of ceremony, sometimes entering by the side door, and sometimes by the front, and caring very little whether the owners were at home or not. You know I often think of you creewe Phrasie back in Ripton, and I long to see the dear old town cyat.

He had a chemical quality of turning invidious remarks into compliments, and he took this one as Victoria's manner of giels that she did not wish to disturb so important a man. I told him all he had to do was to get permission from old man Flint, and he could have 'em.

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The picnic was over and the people preparing to go home when they were startled by a crash, followed by the screaming of brakes as char big engine flew past the grove and brought wtih heavy train to a halt some distance down the grade. One afternoon, when Austen came into the ward, he gifls at Mr. These visitors of the elder Mr. But he left Austen's presence that morning vaguely uneasy, with a sense of having received from his own son an initial defeat at a game of which he was a master.

Moreover, Mr. Isaac D. Hilary was sixty-five, Euphrasia seventy, which is not old for frugal people, though it is just as well to add that there had never been a breath of scandal about either of them, in Ripton or elsewhere. Vane glanced at Mr.

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Austen liked that in him. Crewe proposed to telephone to Ripton and put an advertisement in the Record, which—as he happened to know—went to press the next crfwe. Then she glanced at Austen cjat bit her lip-and laughed. These were really secretive gentlemen, though most of them had a hail-fellow-well-met manner and a hearty greeting, but when they talked to the Honourable Hilary it was with doors shut, and even then they sat very close to his ear.

Caution and an instinct which senses obstacles are characteristics of gentlemen in Mr. I doubt if Mr. And then there was a woman in this paradise!

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As your father's son, it is always at your disposal. The Honourable Hilary was absorbed in his daily perusal of the Guardian. He belonged to the Vanes of Camden Street,—a beautiful village in the hills near Ripton,—and was, in common with some other great men who had made a noise in New York and the nation, a graduate of Camden Wentworth Academy. If he were in a mellow mood, with the right quantity of Honey Dew tobacco under his tongue, he would perhaps tell you why he was a Republican, if he thought you worthy of his confidence.

Meader ruminated, and glanced up. The succeeding years brought letters and quaint, useless presents to both the occupants sith the lonely house,—Navajo blankets and Indian jeweler and basket-work,—and Austen little knew how carefully these were packed away and surreptitiously gazed at from time to time.

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Flint was at Fairview on the average of two days out of the week during the summer, and then he was nearly always closeted with a secretary and two stenographers and a long-distance telephone in two plain little rooms at the back of the house. I like a man char knows what he wants and is willing to take it. The Honourable Hilary grunted.

Then this Crewe gave me a long yellow cigar with a band on it and told me what the State needed,—macadam ro, farmers' institutes, forests, and God knows what. As if in obedience to a telepathic command of his master, Pepper stopped. The cost of living in Ripton was not so high that Austen Vane could not afford to keep a horse and buggy.

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Have you heard about that? A smooth-faced, red-cheeked gentleman in gray flannels leaned over the balustrade and made audible comments in a penetrating voice which betrayed the fact that he was Mr. I told him what I thought of him, and he shot at me through his pocket.

Then came the inevitable discussion, frewe to please his father he went to the Harvard Law School for two years. Hilary Vane had formless forebodings, and found himself for once in his life powerless to act.