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Principal Petersen : First of all, I want to thank you both for coming. Mary : Yeah, yeah, what'd he do? Principal Petersen : Uh, he didn't do anything. George Sr. Principal Petersen : Okay, the problem is the curriculum here is not challenging enough for Sheldon.

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This is his home, we're his family. They're just smart like you.

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Look, I understand this is a big decision. Principal Petersen : Uh, he didn't do anything. Sheldon : They're so rskimo. Mary : Uh Sheldon : Oh. Yes, I suppose I will.

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You're right. Already out? It's time to be flirty and have a sexy adult chat.

Meemaw : I'm sorry, but you are stuck with me. Meemaw : Well, I don't understand how you could turn this down.

I think of myself as a speaker of truth. Flora Douglas : No. Mary : No. Meemaw : I said "used to". Mary : So you're saying xhat being rude to his teachers?

Eskimo village aims to serve up reindeer meat far and wide

I'd be more than happy to set eskiom an interview. That's a bad joke. That's our main concern. He was an astrophysicist for NASA.

Mary : Well, put a word on it. We're both allergic. There's books everywhere. It's time to chat and chill. Mary : You're saying he's an alien?

Meemaw : I know where Dallas is. So we have a guest room available in our home. Mary : Look, we appreciate you going to bat for him, but he's just a wee little thing. Chat with other singles here. Mary : Yeah, yeah, what'd he do? Sheldon has his own room.

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Mary : It's miles away, mom. Principal Petersen : First of all, I want to thank you both for coming. Sheldon : When can I start?

Now, I told her all about Sheldon, and she seemed to think he would be a perfect fit over there. You are very welcome to our WeirdTown.

Flora Douglas esiimo Now, listen to this: "Putting aside his superior intellect, Sheldon is a delight to have in the class. Mary : Sure it does, sweetie. Anime Chat This super dorky chatroom is for chatters who love anime, comics, manga, etc. Sheldon : Do they have a dog?

Eskimo Podcast: LB Kenny Ladler & Deon Lacey

George Sr. This place looks fantastic. Mary : What does that mean? Meemaw : He's gonna come home every Friday night. Meemaw : Are you worried that he won't like it, or are you worried that he will? Free chat for teenagers.