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Grannies on chat nuriootpa

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We are all women.

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Get a career. Feeling very thankful for Nath who dropped everything at work to rush home to Arlo so I could get to the hospital, our amazing neighbour Kate who watched Arlo while waiting for Nath and the staff at Chay Hospital - X-rays, clean, pain relief, tetanus shot and out again in under 2 hours!!

Then, maybe, you might meet some people who are worth knowing and dating. Happy searching.

Female seeking Male Paisley sweet babe

You are missing nurioogpa point here, although proving it very well. We then get upset when all of our relationships fail because all of the superficial bullshit starts to smell like bullshit instead of the overpriced perfumecologne that was covering up the stench before.

Get lives outside women and the chta. Stop settling for garbage- be it butch or femme. Why should we expect any respect in return?

We categorize and put each other into these boxes which dehumanize us and make it easy and acceptable to say these nurioottpa things and treat each other so poorly. Stop disrespecting each other.

We get that enough from men and homophobes. We are all women.

Learn basic grammar and spelling. Grow up.

But, I know I am a good woman, so I figure there have got to be at least a few more of them like myself out there. There are plenty of great women out there. Get an education.

Cut your stupid hair or grow it out. Stop categorizing ourselves and each other.

Do some community service. You all need to take a good look in the mirror and realize that you can change your lives. Live and let live.