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Darryl called me and explained that he did, in time, want BJ to run my board.

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Ah well. With a drop dead funny Boyles. Then Greg Kurtz explained how I did it last week and talked to myself. I would be board-op and call screener.

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That was very cool indeed. Stone cold look on his face.

Big problem. It was wonderful.

Men in Corby are among the grumpiest in Britain (apparently!)

We laughed. Got to talk with Munch for awhile. Big problem. AWTVN: gotcha And, man After the meeting I went over to Cannon and Darryl and figured out how things were going to work.

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Anyway, the show was extremely smooth, and a perfect send-off for the overnight era. The show kicked some butt.

So much going on. Final overnight show tonight.

Could have easily been a power forward in the NBA I snicker thinking of it. At the top of the hour, I quickly showed BJ what to do, I said I would leave the studio and let him work, an he did an amazing job.

Quick and on the ball. I am excited. What the hell will happen with Cannon?

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I guess this is it. So overall BJ, well just annoyed me. BJ did great. He constantly wanted to talk on the air. The end of my overnight log.

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I mean the shit. Then I went in and talked to Darryl again. I forgot to tape the first hour though.

If only Cannon would quit. DParks: your show. It was awesome.

Got to talk with Munch for awhile. My arsenal is now full and ready to go. It should be a blast.

I will fight Darryl on this. AWTVN: right Anyway, it was great.

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I am excited. I would be board-op and call screener.

We talked for a bit. I guess this is it. He lebian I was praised so much in the meeting that I needed that.