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Nl chat room

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What is this thing? This thing, is a web-based irc client.

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Also, odds are most people that come here will already have an IRC client at the ready, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Please keep our PaintChat enjoyable for all. It's been configured to drop you into the IRC channel where we can normally be found.

In this case, that's the server irc. You are about to enter the PaintChat!

Do you have common sense? In all honesty, you should probably use a normal IRC client if you're going to be visiting a lot, since this one is really not meant for every day use.

That means that you shouldn't draw or write things that are generally considered offensive e. Otherwise, a site admin will kick you off!

What is this thing? It's common sense, really!

Then welcome! PaintChat Hi!

This thing, is a web-based irc client. Quick reference:.