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Rp chat rooms

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The main Roleplay chatbox is located on the right menu, but if that one is a bit busy or or you want to roleplay something else, why not try these chatboxes? Please try and keep your roleplay to the right chatbox, so everyone can enjoy roleplay without getting confused!

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As a result, Shards places no restrictions on the genre or system of role-play you use.

You can walk in there and perhaps catch some echo's of what is going on by reading the posts of people that were in before you. Like rooma, and under the fair use clause we spin our own stories and use our imagination. Or would you love to the crew of a star ship?

In the rooms, people make a story together. If you have a problem The rooms are divided by theme, to make it easier to find what you like How do I get started? Please see our documentation for more in depth explanations and tutorials.

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If a room name has colored white, purple, blue, green names under it. Just hover your mouse over the descriptions you find on the Whochat and you can see what goes on.

In fact, you are free to create your very own realm here. Don't chose "The Naked Cowboy" if you're going into a medieval room. The biggest difference between this and a MUDD game or any online game is that the control is completely in your hands. Pr truly believe it is chhat freedom which sets Shards apart. Here on RPO you will find rooms that allow you to step in any of these tales.

You read the description of the rooms and see which one tickles your fancy. Which books are you based on? Talk to people, respect each other, and each other's character. Some of the information you want can be found on each room's website. Why don't you them?

There are also rooms where that is NOT the case. You can contact WhiteTiger on the Contact if you have any issues. Whether it's just a question, a problem with someone, something you saw that makes you uncomfortable. Free registration is required to use Shards: The Shattered Realms. The village, the great hall, the kitchens of the castle or simply the road.

If you can't find the name you're looking for in the pulldown, just say so.

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New to Shards? We currently feature citizen owned territories in Shards. Our focus here is on play by chat, with the twist that we are built to favor slower play and more detailed writing. It's a combination of being a writer and an actor at the same time.

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Some people use a little tag line for their character, so you might be looking for Elizabeth, while in the pulldown "Nightingale Weeping" is what you need. If you're new.

We love to help. Under the rooms you can see names of the people currently in that room. Moreover, your rooms do not stand alone unless you want them too! There are federal regulations in place to protect minors, and even if you are 17 and as world wise as they come, please don't make us boot you out for good.

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Here is how to : link or s or whatever you want to put here. That doesn't mean all characters have to be friends or friendly.

Whether you enjoy superhero, fantasy, modern or even science fiction settings, you cnat find something to engage your imagination. We believe Shards is unlike anything else on the Internet.

People LOVE to share their hobby so you will most likely get answers and invitations to in!. Roleplay Chat. And yes. Look through the menu of pulldowns to see the locations that are offered. Please try and keep your roleplay to the right chatbox, so everyone can enjoy roleplay without getting confused! You've become an actor on the stage. Then just click on enter room.

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What is the story going on right now? You're now in the room. Talking to people works like a normal chat room. Roleplay oasis has many rooms where you'd never see a thing that's not suitable for a 13 year old, places where you could take your granny.