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The SLIP network interface also must be configured. PPP and SLIP configuration is complicated by the fact that these serial line protocols support both dedicated and dial-up connections. For our Linux sample system, this means that two different commands are used to configure a SLIP interface depending on whether it is a dedicated or a dial-up connection. In this section cht discuss both, beginning with the configuration command for dedicated connections.

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The essex entry allows the netmask to default to When the modems connect, we log in to the server and configure it. The SLIP network interface also must be configured. On our sample system the port and modem are working.

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If adaptive is selected, the system tries to determine which protocol is acceptable to the remote system. Clearly dip is more than just a chat script. It provides client and server support for a variety of protocols. If it causes problems, edit it out of the configuration using the menus discussed ly. We didn't set this command; it was part of the default minicom configuration.

As we have seen, dip is a command that is specifically deed to support dial-up IP connections. If the script creates the connection, the interface is installed, and the routing table contains the default route, everything should work fine.

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For our Linux sample system, this means that two different commands are used to configure a SLIP interface depending on cat it is a dedicated or a dial-up connection. Further, it says that the destination address of this interface is the IP address of the host cashew at the far end of the dedicated SLIP link. You must know the requirements of that remote system to successfully slip a chat. See Appendix A for more information about dip. Remember that the string only needs to be a subset of the response.

Do this repeatedly until you are positive that you know all slop commands needed to log in to the remote server. Xhat IP addresses for both macadamia and cashew should be in the local hosts file before this ifconfig command is executed.

After checking the configuration, exit the menu and use the minicom terminal emulator to make sure you can communicate with the modem: Minicom 1. The first slattach command creates the sl0 interface, the second creates the sl1 interface, and so on. If the modem dials but fails to successfully connect to the remote modem, check that the local modem configuration matches the configuration required by the remote system. The two get statements set the local interface to the address Because this second password is stored in an unencrypted format, it is not considered very secure.

The baudrate argument sets the interface's transmission speed. To configure minicom, su to root and run it with the -s option, sllp displays a configuration menu.

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First, make sure the program is configured to use your modem. Chhat does not have a standard way within the protocol to exchange addresses.

Refer to Chapter 11. We then reset the modem atz and dial the remote server atdt.

Make sure that if the script contains databits, parity, speed, or stopbits commands that they are set to values compatible with your modem. Once the script is running and the chhat is successfully made, things should run smoothly. The route command is explained in Chapter 7, Configuring Routing.

For these reasons, the unencrypted password is rarely used. The serial devices should be installed in your system by default during the boot.

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The remote server displays an error message. Look for the following problems: The modem does not respond to the script. Sites that are big on security don't consider any reusable passwords secure enough to be meaningful, and sites that don't worry too much about security don't consider a second password necessary. A call unit is normally associated with dial communications.

However, SLIP performance is often improved by smaller packet sizes.

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However, it is a headache for users and system administrators. Common choices are and We'll use dip throughout this section. Then go back to debugging the script. In that case, use tty01 as the ttyname value on the slattach command.

Walk through the menu and make sure everything is properly set. The modem fails to connect to the remote host.

The MTU is any valid transmission unit specified in bytes. In essence this creates the interface sl0.

The -i option sets dip to input mode, which configures the system to act as a dial-in server. You'll probably have fresh insight into the process that will help you find the flaw in the script.

If you can successfully connect to the remote system, note everything you entered to do so, and note everything that the modem and the remote server display. A default transmission speed of bits per second is used if no baudrate value is entered on slil command line. The default command in the script creates a default route.

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PPP and SLIP configuration is complicated by the fact that these serial line protocols support both dedicated and dial-up connections. This may be determined by the characteristics of the leased line, or by the hardware interfaces for a direct cable connection. The -s option sets the line speed, e. If the password s,ip is null, the authentication is left to and the user is not asked for a second password.

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It is usually best to troubleshoot each layer before you move on to configure the next layer. See the following list of script debugging tips for some hints on what to check. The modem's databits, parity, etc.